Poem – “Eyes never Close” – Grief Poetry – 9/9/2022

Dedicate. Alleviate
where it worsens,
without much touch
in these scenarios
A lost grip
will be where life slips,
at a tongue that spoke
remnants of
a fading truth.

A promise
coming aboard,
with light that keeps
us, going north
where we will drown,
held upside-down.

Capsized. Oversized
hearts, going pale
in those clouds that borrowed
all our undermined photographs
that fade in an evening’s
surrendering sunlight.

To droplets that rain
upon hearts, decorated
with stains.
Crimson covering
at wide eyes that mourn.
Red circles that outline
your fears, settled in
with smears across
a space my hands laid,
at a softer place.

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