Poem – “A Bottled Summer’s Yearning” – Loneliness Poetry – 9/11/2022

Found that dream
floating far, far from
these tempests,
these screams.
I look for you
in all these puddles,
that I might drink
without bitterness
dragging this tongue.

I lost you
in rubble, among roads,
paved, if only
to turn me, where you turned
me, around, in a twist,
in a knot that
caught each drop
falling from a soul
that holds its white flag
waved with higher pride,
in all shame
no shade can hide.

In these eyes,
within an ocean’s fill
to all these cries,
I have counted your fingers
waving goodbye.
Here in boldest memory,
where letters were written
in white, infertile sands,
I have painted
connecting shadows, gathering
clouds to signal a storm
where a heart
had been torn.

All I have fallen for
in everything that I have
hurled overboard,
light keeps me asleep
in this unkind defeat,
on these shoulders
that wear your heat.

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