Poem – “If we Never Missed” – Love Poetry – 10/3/2022

If I never
fell at your feet
to cry your name
in a long line.

If I never
resisted these tears
that carry me nowhere,
I might have kept on.

If I never
chose to watch you
wilt like oceans could not
water your barren garden.
If I had always
kept sand from exiting
between fingertips,
like those words of promise
I let stray like dandelion seeds
over infertile deserts.

If I knew
where to find myself,
I might have found your ship
before it sank
into my lap.

If I knew
where to surrender,
I might have remained
as your anchor
dropped from Heaven,
before you fell on winter wings
to an apocalyptic springtime.

If I felt that
you required your time
in a grave, not to be saved,
I might have chosen
not to land that first kiss
that kept your heart beating
in rhythms of eternal love.

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