Poem – “Your Shadow moves Closer” – Love Poetry – 10/5/2022

While your light stays
to warm my brittle flesh,
I remain here to hold
your hand like a third limb
I cannot ever sever.

A sun from a window
makes furniture dance
around this room
dressed in candles,
adorned in your shadows
as you spread everywhere,
fanning flames that close in,
as darkness moves in
to keep me reminded.

I want to let go.
To turn back to an ocean
I kept spotted in flakes of snow.
Your eyes looked everywhere,
seeing where ships sank,
seeing where I rowed
to find what I cannot
ever leave behind.

If I walk, I am crippled.
If I move on,
I stand, motionless,
to remind myself of what
I will always keep.
Though it rots on its surface,
it has depth to my grief,
as I cannot disbelieve
in autumn’s fallen leaves.

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