Poem – “Full-Circled Halos” – Love Poetry – 10/8/2022

I’ll save
words, for dedication.
I’ll bleed, if you
want me to,
on that cross for your
deserving salvation.
I brought a mother’s eyes
down, to starve her at
her son’s burning crown,
a bloodied halo.

I brought a cradle, made from
rotted twine, thornbushes,
to be all that
a love dying twice,
will be for.
A man’s ignorance,
his flaming heart.
A woman’s witness,
a desperate start
to flee from all that
Hell can falter.

I brought a rose to be laid
at a headstone, where a first
had never risen.

I brought a kiss
to a decaying pair of lips
that had sighed for a final time,
revealing glory in defeat.

Secondary heartbeat,
another second when scars
can be healed,
can be sealed
before life will rise
to believe in Heavens
and eternal skies.

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