Poetry Collection (Tears and Later Years) – Poem 11/100 – “What Graves Pinpoint”

I wanted salience,
from your outheld radiance.

Leaves grow in your stretches,
falling to blanket me.

Less to see can be
all I want, in this moment,
fatal within eternity.

Your used up chances,
with change upon
your scattering dances.

I’ll sift through bleached waters
to find you in reflected clouds.

I’ll hold hope in a cup,
hearing spring coming up.

Your autumnal halo,
crowned upon your decay.
Your eyes that twist onto
sceneries that never stay
in their one way.

Can love again to begin,
as a watered-down seed?
Crowds herd what we cannot control
in vapors of vacant promises,
rippling in what they
always demonize.

I am burning what I know
will fade into doomsday.

I am cleaning these spaces
cluttered with shadows.

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