Poetry Collection (Tears and Later Years) – Poem 15/100 – “Reshaped Sapphires”

I wanted to
rekindle a futility.
I gravitated north
to see my reflection
in muddled waters.
I wanted to know
if auroras
ever vanish.

Perfumes from an ocean.

Waves for departure,
upon broken outlines of loss,
drawn at an endless,
tortured shoreline.

No one needs to know.
I keep bleeding these pleas,
to remake futility.

A hand that got away.
Two feet that dipped low
like a bucket full of stars,
full of tears down into
bottomless paranoia.

Doubting what planet
will inhabit a heart.

Will I find out if sadness
can be enough to bring growth
to barren land,
if seeded with bloodstained hands?

I will not discover that place
that escapes each eclipsed face.
Fires that highlight moons,
rings that encircle
what cannot be given paths
for life’s first movement.

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