Poem – “Do I Fill all your Corners?” – Love Poetry – 10/29/2022

Dream your world,
awake. All those every-days,
wishing a past sun
would reopen. I am here
to hold your beating heart,
close your lips
in those shuddering breaths,
bless you with
another who has come
crawling into your desertion.

A world that left you
chiming on some distant tree,
passing your words
into fog. When you hear me,
see us both hanging,
if I cannot release you.

If nothing other than a kiss,
can make you drip down,
leave your crown for us,
as two naked monarchs
upon decaying thrones.

All those previous seconds
you’ve spent yearning
on those crimson branches,
to those gleaming stars
that highlight all your scars,

I hear more from
your eyes, over your mouth,
when over, as a shadow,
your singing cries.

When hearts clatter,
or when tearstains shatter,
let our fields be birthed
with all we never gave,
for even decrepit worth.

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