Poem – “The Pressure of Departure” – 12/4/2022

Silenced heartbeat. Awakened reprieve.
I, once more, hold a token for another train
that will travel me towards that edge,
outside of this space of sanity.

One more kiss, sent towards barest air,
with shelter toppling into burning sticks.
One more light of passion
from another wakeful lighthouse,
guiding this engine into devastation.

I will want to hear these limbs
fade out of their life,
while I hold hands with another
blurred rainbow. One more temple
of worship. Another promise
that speaks for me –

the cripple on stilts.

I do not want to bleed on beginnings,
though I comprehend what I will continue to
lend, when these memories cannot mend.
For wounds forward, with scars

a handheld memory
that reopens ceremony.

For eyes that meet,
with souls that sleep
on their journey for love’s
rebounding sickness.

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