Confessional Poem – “Imminence”

I hoped that if
this world never barricaded us
from heated moments, beneath,

unseen from sole torment,
we’d reside. Encased in oceanic coldness,
though buried in volcanic arms,

concealed in truest warmth,
wielding torches in either hand.

I hoped that if
water kept us flowing overboard,
we’d meet at an ocean’s bottom,
buried under Mankind’s tears –
because light was never theirs,
as light had been misused.

If for flame,
we would be deep in fame,
as stars beneath a shattered
world – one that deceives
and ends another train
with endless children’s cries.

If for collision,
we should be gravitational,
wielding the moon
to bring us as tidal waves,
merging for fatal,
eternal unison.

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