Poem – “Submerged in Crying Eyes” – 12/6/2022

A piece of me, fallen into you,
dropped as a bucket into your soul.

Through what naivety
expresses this glimpse, this journey
to carry you from falling overboard,
because I know you’ve built that ocean,
I know you were lost in those skies,
deafened in your own cries,
frozen among endless motion.

I have ended your stagnation,
your overdone resignation.
Kissing your faint heartbeat
into highest upbeats. You have wings,
you hold stars, cupped in softest hands.

Though a child, though watered-down
in wisdom upon a careless smile,
a broken pose, I brought you to teeming earth,
allowing you to raise your garden,

your space without winter,
your empire encrusted in gold –
not that malleable silver
from your limited tears.

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