Poem – “Collected in a Corner” – 12/10/2022

All those autumns, parted together,
but we sewed each word. Still managing
to bind roots into a knot. Here, keeping
our tears streaming off living verdure.

Still calling for your warmth,
running from a gaping pair of lips,
vacant from one more soothing kiss
to keep winds moving –
our words, promises in unison,
our lives still with thumping hearts,

watering down our pain
to a regrowth of repetitious,
merging memories.

We walked up and down paths
with rotten walls, with graffitied names –
though, with our disguise in a corner,

our tears collected
in that spot of pushing breaths,
surviving life, carelessly selected.

What did we deserve?

Rivers of tears merged in with blood –

eyesores, among bedsores
in stilled embraces,
watching nighttime loom
from a dreaming state
in shivering daylight.

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