Poem – “Granting Access” – 12/10/2022

When eyes glow beneath surfaced rainbows.
Hands clasped in prayer, two witnesses to fallen snow.
When waters are here to stay
close, within eyes, imploring up to ceilings and skies,
children are us, when we are stung from loss
down to those pyres named for sacrifice.
When our worlds are close for those
imprisoning moments life will steal
raindrops we find hard to let go,
that must be when storms keep returning
to bind those gaps. When we hear angels weep,
knowing that Heaven has a space for us,
feverish flame will keep us in its compassion,
in its sickening and engrossing tides.
Whenever prayers come to a close,
that might be when Heaven’s gates are opened,
to let us go – to let us go inside,
shutting that solid door from that side,
perhaps keeping sadness outside.

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