Poem – “Let You Go” – 12/16/2022

Some subtle breeze
crosses my cheek,
fading a tear –
dragged like a sailboat
to its last destination
on a way to nowhere.

One place of frozen flesh,
quivers at a hint of warmth,

while my eyes flash
at viewing a dusty path
lined with petals,
even on either side.

I have felt your presence
in glaring silhouettes,

among lighthouses
I held onto as hope, like a child
burying its dreaming face
into clouds,

for I desired more
after that afterword,
after that calm farewell,
where a hand did more to wave
than to take,
on that ocean of burials.

I had to let your fire diminish
with that lighthouse’s flare.
I had to let hope silence its crawl,
while those petals wilted
from more breezes, more gusts
burning spring into flakes of dust.

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