Poem – “Who’s a Monster?” – 12/19/2022

Who’s examining you,
contemplating all those corners?
Each more tragic than the next,
each more fitting for what’s left
in your heart of souls –
those you’ve siphoned of light,
dividing black from white.

Those who’ve kissed your hands,
laid a teardrop on your palm,

are those people
mere razors for your veins?
Are they who remind you
of what’s being lost among streams?

You’ll catch what you don’t let go,
being gifts of blood from those who were
never as broken as where you stirred,
brimming in your choking sighs,

full of tears that water all nights.

I can fold you into a paragraph,
written for your taking.
I might sift around in softest words,
those second or third pledges of loyalty.
I should burn in your bottomless scars,
living for another page
in this tale of eternal endings.

I should, though I cannot remember
whose mirror I am looking through,
weeping for these four corners
where a reflection is this portrait,
looking back from a blank canvas.

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