Poem – “Covering Her Tracks” – 12/22/2022

Falling snow.
A feeling from letting go
of that hand that drifted,
beyond waters, a shallowness
among that mist,

given a wall
to conceal her call.

What else can she,
among her eternity,
ever desire to know?
Life has held
onto her dresses,
staying there like leeches,
while she coughs out snowflakes,
a sign of surrendering scenes.

Leaves are matching
with all white against her temples,
flurried there, clashed in descension.
What does she wish to say
when, in our unnamed efforts,
all we did was pray?

A ship, where her body lays,
not ever coming back.
Travelling with no present captain,
on a forlorn ocean
stripped of calm, of joy
in seeing hands upon her shoulders,
consoling her into tears,
kissing apart her aimless fears.

An unchangeable departure,
her hand let go, merging into snow.
One surge, a timed fixation on grief,
before that inevitable relief.

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