Poem – “Strands of Rope” – 1/8/2023

Who guesses you? No one knows
where you will end up, left off
in flowering gardens, or buried under
with seeds, drowning or deprived.

Are you sleeping? Are you keeping
everything sheltered? Another symptom
rises from your colored, discolored
heart, and you’ll continue to float,

holding your eyes wide open,
for your sadness can be nothing
to, for this blackening world,
ever hide, in these flames.

Wandering high, wondering why
curtains never recede with tides,
since your tears are always arriving.
A carved smile on a withered tree
has not been disguising
what you caress, concerned with
placements and safety.

Another thing to use,
to decorate your face with,
with those blizzards replaced with
all those colors that you forgive,
giving life to a kind death.

Strands of rope
run from your hair
to your running eyes,

and am I here to watch you,
swinging like a frozen pendulum,
to catch nothing but
a melting smile, when it reveals
all that you kept a secret?

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