Poem – “As Twins Disjoin” – 1/23/2023

I came, converging –
this lampshade, turned at an angle
aside from where light resounds,
clarification rebounds.
Were your words meaningless?
Were our flavors as empty
as these reflections,
caught in a sea of endless,
fatal disassociation?

I find fault in places
that have something to exist for.
There, I discover spaces,
answering to fading traces.

All tears fall close,
in this timeline
of devastation,

as I come, wondering –
with this broken mind, twisted at
an incorrect angle. I came under,
burying myself, to dedicate you
to a stain upon
this failing heart.

You fled too far,
upon an ocean splitting itself apart.
Nothing else walks that far,
consuming space, where thirst
cannot be quenched
from spaces on cold walls
meant for identical portraits.

Were your words ever a something
I can keep holding onto?
To breathe for a blue moon,

still hoping that sun disappears,
from keeping me locked into noon.

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