Poem – “Let’s not Regret the Light” – 1/30/2023

This part of you, sublime,
yet covered up in diminished light.

One more kiss
will reignite that familiar inferno,
will release a spread of warmth
to drench your lips,

to quench that humming mind.

In all gray humidity
within displays that rewind
our hearts, back to be held,
where bodies were felled.

Do not recall moments, before,
to lose sight of a stagnant vanity.

Once, being a darkness,
a nothingness, never soaked
in that bloom
from an everlasting touch.

Do not regret those slight gleams,
shaped as hope upon teardrops.

Do not speak of remorse
during days we fell from distant clouds,
picturing our homes beneath shade,
where faces get revealed
in light, that we create.

Reword what you wrote
near to us, on these endless sands.
Break apart petals,
to be our stepping stones
on a fierce journey.

Regret nothing of what we spoke,

to lessen our sadness,
among blinding smears.
Listen to heartbeats behind tears,
rediscovering our light
in a cleaning wash.

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