Poem – “An Air of Miscomprehension” – 2/8/2023

Slowing vows, fading eyes
that are debriefed for what’s uncovered,
no longer left in disguise,
no longer left to shadows that retreat,
weeping for their creation,
their light,

their position upon
abandoned trails.

To eyes, leaving tears
as pebbles on littered highways,

over to boulders, clogged hearts
that await their appearance,

filtering to be craters,
an absence of their place
discovered under lens.

Lens. Pinnacles of madness
brought forth, brought out
for book pages, as answers,
though no one targets
a keen source,

that dealt agony
inside stricken addiction,
faceless enchantment.

Who’s left to hold us down,
to keep us covered
in fluttering consolation? I keep
these wounds, closed,
remembering a white curtain
blocking sunlight to absorb,
shielding hope’s
glowing words.

What’s left to see?
These fissures, these seeds,

to forfeitures that entertain
another dance, towards death,

without much to keep this storm
humming on, with fragrant breath,
with running winds,
with trails, from eyes
seeing our reflection
in moving clouds.

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