Poem – “A Visitor, A Shadow” – 3/1/2023

Loose pebbles.
Wonderment. For a second,
I thought you were listening
to me, screaming
under colder blankets,
than what’s outside,

than even what’s inside
this form, full of blood
melted from ice.

Will you ever burn
for another moment more,
to bring me warmth,
to turn apart
this unbecoming anguish?

Sanity will bring me
apart from me, back to what
still shelters me
even in misguided guidance,
away from what
stagnates this heart,

frozen, when torn apart.

You found a route around
these deserted roads,

while you hold your life,
clasped, in candlelit fingertips,

drinking from a bottle –
your wine, that never tips,
for your promises
to a life, that never slips.

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