Poem – “Love’s Hope for Something Old” – 3/15/2023

I can confirm
there is an estrangement,
there has been
a taxing embellishment,
while there was always
a long-lasting sustenance
that has become
an overwhelming starvation,

as we were born
for beauty’s sake,
though never receiving
Heaven’s answers.

Escaping to Hell,
if only to find shadows
to conceal us.
Our light,
under an undoing disguise
were this world’s drumming sound,
bringing healing all around,

while now we lose breath.

Helpless, under our eyes,
where storms leak
onto hollow earth.

We fell for vacancy,
for a place where hearts
could be settled,
could be found,
though were buried,
and remained
unheard of,

losing their beats, over time,
though stayed for hope,
dancing for the same crime.

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