Poem – “Re-Existing Truth” – 3/21/2023

All times, we co-exist,
faltering before doorways,
wary to our shadows
ceasing to exit,
surrendering to be stilled,

upon knees.

Faint. With pleas,
with arrogance to what
we will never please.

Hand-held. Fingertips frozen
on skin’s burning edge.

I heat up, to our
ocean of surroundings,

pulling you close –
close, to this disappearing light,
kissing a smeared smile,

as we blend into mirrors –
reflections, of something we
carelessly disbelieved.

To always, remember
that these limbs
will be dismembered,
like a mother’s embrace,
coming loose –
a repeated reimagining
of birth, into death.

A cold release, with vapor –
in our unfiltered lungs,
draining black, in our words,

forming a long sheet
to conceal us, among nighttime’s
continued lack of hues.

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