Poem – “Abreast in Reversed Distance” – 3/26/2023

I come along.

with fever – closer, in these
weighted, pleasuring moments
when I leave a lingering
droplet, on your open mouth,
for your awaiting glance,

testing a ghost
to disappear, again.

Craving a tear,
coming loose. Carving
among jealous eyes,

as you were looking away
to see, to plea
for a thing not brought back.

Memories lost, among sands,
faded inside dusty photographs –
blackening into storms,

worsened into
what would not undo
itself, at your
delicate torture.

Brushing a tress, aside,
while kissing a tearstained,
wearied face.

I return,

returning with a second,
white, stainless dress.

I remain,

while answering
a heartbeat with music,
with brittle notes
from a solid throat.

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