Poem – “More Alive than Fire” – 4/13/2023

Who nurtures what
connects, at your breast
that burns at your
uncovered portraits?
Still-life, in those waters,
steering ships
brought towards a lighthouse,

a signal, a thriving flame
of your eternal blame.

I can lay
marble kisses, to your
dying name,
while you’ll relight candles
I’ve extinguished, at your ending
to a pain you’ve gathered in,
like infinite grains.

Lifelessness, in me,
with your fire more alive,
running at this sight
of me, at your brightly
pointed finger,

choosing a road
more to be ignored
by those, for your
whirling mind.

Does a sting connect you,
with a mindless pulsation?
A soothing distress
to reward you,
to refill you, reenter you
at doorways for your
rewritten, retold
self-scathing words.

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