Poem – “To Relive This” – 4/19/2023

Because of our
similar motions, rowing over
feuding pathways, we have
designed each other
to capsize another,
plunging into deep-red sunsets,
reborn glances,

breathing in what drowns us,
inside those bloodstained kisses.

Half-way to trust
a lighthouse to guide us,
while being half-naked in where
we find ourselves swimming,
while we still sink,

and we are always questioning
an outcome we saw, before.

Are we ever getting there?

Building a boat.
Sinking it with holes.
Hearing a heartbeat skip
like stones, over a river –
flat, in our lack of character.

Lifeless, in what we never
accepted, for refusal
of innumerable, insufferable
disappointing endings.

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