Poem – “My Love Letters Itself” – 5/11/2023

Dig me in
from previous disassociation,
for you are the one drug
to keep me running
on a guess,

makeshift on an excuse,
blinded to another’s
fires of warning.

Undressed skin,
disrobed eyes;
the leaves you walk upon
are brittle,
only in disguise.

I can’t seem to fear you,
as our faces are smeared
in the white.

In the white,
where outlines are drawn,
we were touching
more than what I felt was forever,
rubbed against your naked shore.

In the bleak,
where dust falls from rust,
I find myself entering
the smoke, the fog where you sail,

though I can’t seem to fear you,
listening to your heartbeat,
even among the fading heat
where your body was,
where your trail
cannot be covered,
can always be recovered.

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