Poem – “The Red Behind a Kiss” – 5/23/2023

She’s used to leaving
rainfall, behind. Where there are
footprints, retained at what
kept anyone, going – she would solidify
nothing, while everything
kept itself moving.

She’s used to seeing
destruction, disease, and
all that we never were,
inside her. A heart that feels bliss,
at the red behind a kiss,

one that none of us received,
while drawn open curtains exposed
those misunderstood remedies,
those that we believed
might be her serenity.

I have been going north
to see the blue,
to find whatever might be
brand new, when the sun
has begun faltering,
beneath these defeated feet –
an ungraceful setting.

That setting
of eyedrops, dewdrops,

petals, leaves given weight,

and I am still moving
forward, for something to see,

after I have mirrored myself
on someone, on something to leave,
in peace and finality.

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