Quote – “Fires of Vengeance, Waters of Justice” – 9/1/2020

“Grief compels the fool to act out, from it. Grief compels the fool to raise a fire against those who wronged them. They are consumed, blinded, by the need for Vengeance. The blood boils up to their eyes, and they see nothing more than their own carnage.

A common human element is hunger. Hunger is the most fundamental of human desires. Though, when we give into it, we are corrupted. And, we share that corruption with others who also ache from hunger.

Yet, water will relate to Justice. Water will douse the fires of Vengeance. Justice will forgive. Justice will stay calm. Justice will quench thirst, instead of satiating hunger. Hunger is endless. Thirst limits us, for our stomachs do not expand, as we do not grow larger, from water. Water purifies us from corruption.”

– Modern Romanticism