Poem – “As Your Eyes Slowly Shut” – Romance – 12/12/2019

Had that pillow caressed your feeble head
More than ever my hand could?
In such comfort that death could provide
To your ever-more feeble body
With its trembling motions, alike the quivering leaves during Autumn,
I see your chest raise itself, to a peak,
And fall down,
You may be ill,
Though, you are in comfort.

And, I am jealous of death,
“To have and to hold,”
As I once said, while our worlds collided,
Into moons,
And never were burned,
Unless beneath sheets, made for that familiar singe.
Death will embrace you
Better than myself.
And, I will be seated here, as a witness.

Comforted by what death provides
The pillow and the bed, beside
Your enamored and lifted sighs,
Safety is now where you reside.

Upon the world’s end, I look across
To see a face that once begged, in a plea.
Stillness was once for your form,
When I touched its warmth.
And now when death has its arms about yourself,
You feel warmth in the coldness.

Poem – “A Face to Match Heaven” – Romance – 12/6/2019

You’d first lay me down,
To the bloody sea,
Where raises horns from deep below,
A buried empire where fears surely show.
Deny me enough,
Little lady of a void,
Your chamber holds only whispers,
Kindness and mercy
Am I enough for the treasures we’ll both share?
Am I true to the blessings we’ll both wear?

An eagerness, of sorts,
Of grace, and faces nestled between,
The thoughts of a one I know so well,
Kisses were empty from each one,
Pink and red lips, that dwell
In a heart of mine, not so clean.

I dance with you in my arms,
And hold a face that requires kiss after buried kiss,
And I know where my Hell has gone,
While I hold my Heaven.

Poem – “When I cannot Love” – Romance – 12/4/2019

When I cannot love,
When I cannot drown
In the arms of a one,
Who took me above
To see what could not be undone.

A woman,
A face,
Of splendor and beauty,
Each small bit of fervency,

Each frail part of tragedy,
Is hers for the closing
Of my heart.
One streaming face,
One anguished expression,
Laced with the marks of a pair of hands,
That had ripped open your mouth,
To hear your words.
Were they ever true?
Have you moved quicker than I?

A face with a mouth,
Two parted pinkish lips, and lowered eyelids,

And a tongue that seems to speak,
Words I cannot make out,
Words I’ve come to ignore,

Words I’ve come to despise.
A face, that is laced with my marks,
My hands,
My burning stare.

My form is one of disaster,
While yours still stands beautiful.

Poem – “Bring me Hope” – Romance

She’s not in danger,
Not beneath me, the ruler to her
Naked empire; of boats upon smooth silk,
Of a navy that is swept in maddening winds
That speak in coldness of words.
Whispers that threaten and attempt
To subdue that which I desire.
They are voices from a different place.

She’s not in danger,
She, the woman whom I seek to gain,
As my love and my endless vision.
Her beauty makes a festival,
Her arms make a waterfall,
Her legs create the support.

Through a face and lips that show grace,
She says to me: –
“Unlike thou, who has faced perplexity,
I have felt so much love from thee,
There’s no unkindness in what you’ve shown,
Not from the murky nest of the mind you’ve grown.”

And so, her kindness comes to me,
As a mirror of what I behold to be.
Please, oh, beauty,
Offer me that hope,
Be the one I thirst for,
As the moon drains me, and the sun devours me.

Poem – “Guarantee me Death” – Suicide

Pain, I have endured,
And pain, I never silenced.
Pain has always been company,
My neighbor, my friend.

Pain has always flowed,
Behind me,
To show me,
The sands of a thirsty shore.

The disease called pain,
Has been my cure,
Has been my reminder,
To who I am, the miserable one.

Fate has always controlled me,
Made me one with a sadness,
Fate made me loathe,
As hate made me roam.

My body is a pile,
Atop another pile.
My eyes seem to sunder,
The world into oblivion.

My fortune has increased,
But my denial has increased.
My death will prove myself,
The coward, who betrayed pain.

Poem – “My Love, with thy Heavenly Form” – Romance

Those kisses,
To which I offer for two nipples,
And a bottom,
To which I offer my grip.
Your face asks for a stare,
My own; I’ve become aware.

Your eyes show stars;
I am in their marveling glance,
Deep kisses I share to a face,
Upon two cheeks, these kisses are laid,
Upon two lips, these kisses are laid,
They are laid down, so that angels weep.

Do you weep, fairest angel?
My love, have you wept for this passion?
A kiss I give to thy abdomen,
A beat from a heart, a second one!
It is so, that I hear one come from there,
My beauty, with family, we are here.

A face I must always hold,
And cradle in my firm touch,
I am so much in love,
That crimson spills free from this chest,
And pain begins to crumble,
So that my empire is set free.

Poem – “Take Me Down” – Romance

How has it that suffering has placed a crown,
On this starved mind, enclosed in a shell?
When I saw a face, that was yours,
I drew weariness away from that mind,
And the gems grew a brilliant luster.

Am I not the pain that lingers,
Upon your reddened lips?
Am I not the darkness that incurs,
Due to the flowers that die at every step?
I am, for this is when we have united.

I am the sight that you have seen,
Whilst drinking the perfumed wine.
I am the red on your mouth,
The gleam on thy arms,
And the enemy who never allows for innocence to return.

As such becomes an emotion,
Monochrome and melancholy.
I look to clouds so full of grey,
And find my kind, alike to you, among the shapes,
That fall and climb, and soon to climb upwards, again.

I beg you to take me down from this weariness,
To where there are demons that writhe,
So that I may belong to them.
And so that I may cling to thy knees.
For I am nothing more than a broken felon.

Poem – “We’ll Not Die with our Love Apart” – Romance

Should the world end, with us not unified,
We’ll have the ocean to cross, and then we’ll die.
You have beauty that marvels the angels.
Of cheeks that blossom the rosiest pink,
And such beauty creates strength
In my darkened heart.

I will love with a powerful love,
End all demons that torment you into woe,
You have arms that claw at the most bitter parts
Of this angered mind.
I am enraged at those who create obstacles,
Between the love, that is for us.

When will I have to suffer no longer,
To merely see your smiling eyes, that speak more
Than either your hands or mouth?
A beauty with trembling limbs and idle words,
That speak frailty.
That speak of loneliness.

I shall have thee without the torment that lingers
Upon thy buried heart.
Between ribs made of Adam’s dust and Lilith’s tears.
Torn with woe and the endlessness
Of the subservient pain.
Let the world tremble, and not thy bared arms!

To see our love with blindness,
And how radiant thee will roam upon the rock.
I will cover thou with a bliss,
And make thee a coat formed with a stagnant love,
Deserving its stagnancy through a vision,
Of a grave that cannot be of only one.

Poem – “A Few Loosened Sobs” – Romance

Oh, lovely! I am rotten,
With grief tangled in my hair.
Beside your stilled corpse,
Where I stare,
Is a seat to place myself.

I have been weary
And torn.
Broken and born, with a seeming frailness,
“Emptiness” is my name
Written backwards.

I loved with a stain on my heart.
And it was you,
Who pressed that mark
Against its warm and hot surface.
Why am I in love with grief?

Why am I in love with tragedy?
The futility, of it all?
Is there no more to us,
Than for me to see yourself,
As a withered pile of limbs, and feel the numbness?

I am so alone,
Now that you are gone.
I feel grief like it’s my friend,
As I have lost a love, whose rays were once
Alike to the moon, and its silver threads.

Beauty was to your face,
With the many hues of red.
And now, there is only the stark hue of white.
There is no longer any color
To mask this certain death.

I walk now to the noose,
To see if any tears are left to lose.