Poem – “As Your Eyes Slowly Shut” – Romance – 12/12/2019

Had that pillow caressed your feeble headMore than ever my hand could?In such comfort that death could provideTo your ever-more feeble bodyWith its trembling motions, alike the quivering leaves during Autumn,I see your chest raise itself, to a peak,And fall down,You may be ill,Though, you are in comfort. And, I am jealous of death,"To have… Continue reading Poem – “As Your Eyes Slowly Shut” – Romance – 12/12/2019

Poem – “A Face to Match Heaven” – Romance – 12/6/2019

You'd first lay me down,To the bloody sea,Where raises horns from deep below,A buried empire where fears surely show.Deny me enough,Little lady of a void,Your chamber holds only whispers,Kindness and mercyCombined.Am I enough for the treasures we'll both share?Am I true to the blessings we'll both wear? An eagerness, of sorts,Of grace, and faces nestled… Continue reading Poem – “A Face to Match Heaven” – Romance – 12/6/2019

Poem – “When I cannot Love” – Romance – 12/4/2019

When I cannot love,When I cannot drownIn the arms of a one,Who took me aboveTo see what could not be undone. A woman,A face,Of splendor and beauty,Each small bit of fervency,Each frail part of tragedy,Is hers for the closingOf my heart.One streaming face,One anguished expression,Laced with the marks of a pair of hands,That had ripped… Continue reading Poem – “When I cannot Love” – Romance – 12/4/2019

Poem – “Bring me Hope” – Romance

She's not in danger,Not beneath me, the ruler to herNaked empire; of boats upon smooth silk,Of a navy that is swept in maddening windsThat speak in coldness of words.Whispers that threaten and attemptTo subdue that which I desire.They are voices from a different place. She's not in danger,She, the woman whom I seek to gain,As… Continue reading Poem – “Bring me Hope” – Romance

Poem – “Guarantee me Death” – Suicide

Pain, I have endured,And pain, I never silenced.Pain has always been company,My neighbor, my friend. Pain has always flowed,Behind me,To show me,The sands of a thirsty shore. The disease called pain,Has been my cure,Has been my reminder,To who I am, the miserable one. Fate has always controlled me,Made me one with a sadness,Fate made me… Continue reading Poem – “Guarantee me Death” – Suicide

Poem – “My Love, with thy Heavenly Form” – Romance

Those kisses,To which I offer for two nipples,And a bottom,To which I offer my grip.Your face asks for a stare,My own; I've become aware. Your eyes show stars;I am in their marveling glance,Deep kisses I share to a face,Upon two cheeks, these kisses are laid,Upon two lips, these kisses are laid,They are laid down, so… Continue reading Poem – “My Love, with thy Heavenly Form” – Romance

Poem – “Take Me Down” – Romance

How has it that suffering has placed a crown,On this starved mind, enclosed in a shell?When I saw a face, that was yours,I drew weariness away from that mind,And the gems grew a brilliant luster. Am I not the pain that lingers,Upon your reddened lips?Am I not the darkness that incurs,Due to the flowers that… Continue reading Poem – “Take Me Down” – Romance

Poem – “We’ll Not Die with our Love Apart” – Romance

Should the world end, with us not unified,We'll have the ocean to cross, and then we'll die.You have beauty that marvels the angels.Of cheeks that blossom the rosiest pink,And such beauty creates strengthIn my darkened heart. I will love with a powerful love,End all demons that torment you into woe,You have arms that claw at… Continue reading Poem – “We’ll Not Die with our Love Apart” – Romance

Poem – “A Few Loosened Sobs” – Romance

Oh, lovely! I am rotten,With grief tangled in my hair.Beside your stilled corpse,Where I stare,Is a seat to place myself. I have been wearyAnd torn.Broken and born, with a seeming frailness,"Emptiness" is my nameWritten backwards. I loved with a stain on my heart.And it was you,Who pressed that markAgainst its warm and hot surface.Why am… Continue reading Poem – “A Few Loosened Sobs” – Romance