Poem – “A Face to Match Heaven” – Romance – 12/6/2019

You’d first lay me down,
To the bloody sea,
Where raises horns from deep below,
A buried empire where fears surely show.
Deny me enough,
Little lady of a void,
Your chamber holds only whispers,
Kindness and mercy
Am I enough for the treasures we’ll both share?
Am I true to the blessings we’ll both wear?

An eagerness, of sorts,
Of grace, and faces nestled between,
The thoughts of a one I know so well,
Kisses were empty from each one,
Pink and red lips, that dwell
In a heart of mine, not so clean.

I dance with you in my arms,
And hold a face that requires kiss after buried kiss,
And I know where my Hell has gone,
While I hold my Heaven.

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