Poem – “A Few Loosened Sobs” – Romance

Oh, lovely! I am rotten,
With grief tangled in my hair.
Beside your stilled corpse,
Where I stare,
Is a seat to place myself.

I have been weary
And torn.
Broken and born, with a seeming frailness,
“Emptiness” is my name
Written backwards.

I loved with a stain on my heart.
And it was you,
Who pressed that mark
Against its warm and hot surface.
Why am I in love with grief?

Why am I in love with tragedy?
The futility, of it all?
Is there no more to us,
Than for me to see yourself,
As a withered pile of limbs, and feel the numbness?

I am so alone,
Now that you are gone.
I feel grief like it’s my friend,
As I have lost a love, whose rays were once
Alike to the moon, and its silver threads.

Beauty was to your face,
With the many hues of red.
And now, there is only the stark hue of white.
There is no longer any color
To mask this certain death.

I walk now to the noose,
To see if any tears are left to lose.

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