Modern Romanticism

The aspect of romance, divided between the heartening and the thoughtful.

Words of Wisdom – “The Rising Heat of Lust” – Philosophy on Religion – 10/9/2019

October 9, 2019

“Love is an eternity that a man denies. A man denies what perhaps God has founded to be a mistake, when even He could not see that His own creations would mirror the same mistakes. We call such unplanned creations of an infant, a ‘mistake’ perhaps for a reason, that we were acting out of lust to burn away a moment that would not last.

In the name of concealing truth, God would be concealed by Man, and next say that God does not exist. God concealed Man and Woman, through clothing, upon the Garden of Eden, when fault struck Mankind. Mankind, as a dose of vengeance, conceals God in the wake of realization, and that is the realization of the creation of more fault. Lust rises upwards like the heat from Hell, making itself a reality and easily seen, to make ‘mistake’ after ‘mistake’.

The only reason why Man denies God, is due to every bit of knowledge towards good and evil comes as a shock for him, comes as a tragedy of loss, comes as a creation gone missing; and, in this, Man denies God because love is not a good reason for neither Man nor God to exist. Man must therefore struggle to want love. To want no breaths in the captivation of that love.”


Words of Wisdom – “The Definition of Faith” – Philosophy on Religion – 10/5/2019

October 5, 2019

“Faith has no more the definition to it, than trust. Is ‘trust’ now an ingredient so believed to be ‘irrelevant’ to a contemporary standard? It should be so, because, when God is believed to be non-existent, then so is Man. When Woman was believed to be invisible, to be ignored from society, she suffered. Guilt is remedied by trust. And, in a ‘contemporary’ society, a thirst for achievement, that which is prominent in this ‘contemporary’ society, Woman would be more trusted. Temptation, which runs in the veins of business, makes Woman trusted. We have said, ‘In God, we trust’ on the American currency. Though, when God is not trusted, then Man becomes the newest target. Man is not trusted, for Man’s actions. And, in today’s ‘contemporary’ society, all trust devoted to business needs, to ‘progress’, would never coincide to the slowness from Man, from the one who pits chivalry onto society for progress to be held back. Woman is eager, Woman is earnest, and trust is never devoted to Man, and it should also be inevitable that Woman would trust herself. Therefore, in a world where ‘business’ and ‘progress’ are society’s paths, guilt is never remedied upon Man, because what he has done, to make his guilt, is never trusted to be better. He is never trusted to do better.”

The Tena Poems – Truest Love – “One Hold, and One Kiss” – Romance – 9/19/2019

September 19, 2019

We are makers,
Of truest intent.
Never as disbelievers,
To the whole state of our truth,
We are sharp deceivers,
When unleashing the bitterest tears,
But, as lovers, we are stark beauty
Upon waves of highest elevation.

I am in disbelief for your majesty,
And so, I go to embrace you,

While a crown of barbs girdles your head,
Each laced with the most fragrant venom.
Bless me, kind woman!
I am in love with you.

One hold, and one kiss,
Is all to receive in reception of you
We’ll play the tired game of mystery,
The sort that would entrance.

Death has both angel wings and fangs,
It has both, the conceit of the rose,
And the boldness of fungi,
While love has merely the boldness,
Of a life made simple.

I kiss your sweet lips,
I taste the warm breath coming from within you,
The most beautiful thing of you
Is the memory of a moment.

It is this moment, and it will forever be
This moment.

We dine, as we will forever dine,
On all our fragrances,
On all our beauty.

One hold, and one kiss,
Is all we need for a greeting.

Words of Wisdom – “The Mirrored Concept” – Philosophy on Religion – 9/18/2019

September 18, 2019

In this concept, in this perception, there is separation, and it is the separation that deals with the reflection, the recognition, and the highlight of satisfaction.

Glass is but a stark template without reflection. Was glass not made from sand, melted from excessive heat? Was Christ not upon the waters from which he could see his own reflection? Are waters not a representation of fertility? A recognition of beauty is what is comprehended from the mirror, the waters, and it is a recognition of God.

Science implores the human to discover. And yet, they believe in the sole aspect of sincerest reality. Science believes not in the experience, because the experience cannot be held, cannot be heard, cannot be tasted, cannot be sniffed, and cannot be seen; it can only be felt, and such is where science lacks the need to encourage a human to explore emotion, because emotions have utterly no use for them. A need for progress stems upon logic, and logic is merely a one-way road, in contrast to emotion, that relates to the heart, traversing an infinite amount of paths, too innumerable to count. They represent confusion, these emotions, and the mind is always utilized to stifle them, to subdue them, because it was the mind that had generated a thought. A thought generates an emotion.

Between reality and ourselves, is the experience, the emotion, the innumerable paths to traverse before we come upon realization. That experience, that emotion, would represent God, and God would be, in this case, the creator of life, the creator of the innumerable amount of paths to choose. We pray to a God, because prayer would not be fulfilling were life never to present confusion.

That is, between that mirror, the glass, and ourselves, there is life, the emotion, and the confusion. Science would encourage ourselves to take God’s throne, to push past the wholeness of the experience to merely focus on the end result. The end result is the reality, the realization, or simply, the real. All of religion would tell us to hold our hands upon life, and not be so eager to drive forward, without being wise.

Too see ourselves, is not to see our reflection, but to see what stands between us, and whatever it is that has created that reflection. And honesty only comes through being able to discern what blankets the eyes in either satisfaction or dissatisfaction.

To question, makes the darting view of our vision into the ability to see into ourselves, making logic that one-way road to ourselves.

And what generates the denial of God? It has to only be the denial of that middling path, the path of life, and the desire to merely see the end result. It has to only be the denial of all experience, all emotions, all belief and all faith. We ignore the life, and begin to cherish the end result.

Though, it won’t be love that is seen at that end result. It will be death, because the vision was quickened far too much to enjoy the work that it takes, not to die, but to live. No one creates a living to die, though people do create a living to live.

Words of Wisdom – “A System of Hypocrisy” – 7/22/2019

July 22, 2019

“There is a rotating cycle in a nation so bereft from responsibility that it somehow believes in the non-belief of the ‘expectation’; and this is to say that responsibility is what denies expectation. And yet, irresponsibility is the one side to this very cycle. The expectation is met with rebellion, while irresponsibility would indeed challenge the higher authority. Which is it? Which do we side with, as either the responsibility to challenge such authority, or the side that deals with a rebellious way against expectation? This should be known, that expectation is inevitable, and responsibility should be upheld in the highest esteem. Irresponsibility and a rebellion against expectation, is a contradiction on its own, for to be irresponsible is to reject the self’s individual authority, and to rebel against expectation, is to immediately fall into the authority from another; it is so, because without the personal responsibility, one’s own authority diminishes, so that one inevitably and automatically falls into the embrace of tyranny. And without the belief for the necessity of the expectation, one soon believes that they are in control of their decisions; though, in being irresponsible, this is never the case. How many groups must form that face the responsibility as the expectation? It is not the same. Expectation is external, and responsibility is internal. For once personal responsibility is erased, the authority of tyranny will rise, to exploit the most ancient of emotions called fear, for that desirous control.”

Poem – “Behold, what I View of You, to be the most Beautiful of Truths” – Romance

July 20, 2019

Faced with a cheek,
Of rose and ivory together,
Unlike the many splintered faces,

Not rent apart by so many tears,
That you keep beneath the swept reddish hair,
I feel thee, with a weight that pulls, and does not press.

I believe,
That love can truly dance.
It is, as I’ve seen it, with eyes upon the hands,
At thy waist, and move upwards on paired hips.
Listless was I, in before I knew of this.
Love has been but a berry to be consumed.

I observe, and in what I observe,
Beauty, marvelous beauty
From the Earth, to the winds,
From the fossils of dead things,
To my lips, to where I give a kiss.

Your face held in my hands,
Your eyes dropping porcelain tears,
Your arms very limp, with legs the same.
Grace has become your last name,
The world makes merry, your beauty.

Poem – “Beloved; Your Tears Mean the World” – Romance

July 19, 2019

Let us find, within each other’s eyes,
The horrid filth from a faceless world,
We see it, and do not adore it.
We have it, the love between us and it.
And we watch,
While we glide,
Among clouds and birds, alike.
We feel, with empathy that collides,
Into our unfurled desires,
The desire to shape, the desire to mold.

You have a face that breathes the newest note,
Of one remembered afternoon.
For my dear, you are far simpler than when most men,
Could have you upon their knee,
And believe,
That, to offer you infinity,
Is at all the material,
Of external,
I comprehend, of your heart, of boldest red,
That what will please, is only a simple reminder.

And in seeing this world,
Upon its hill of perplexity.
It is mounted, and seemingly distorted,
Love has been cast off from its slope.
My love, with your arms alike to the blades of grass
Were they to turn white;
And having eyes,
Like rubies,
Where they to turn green;
That is since I see blood, upon snow,
And blood, upon the evergreen,
And breasts that curve like twin moons.

It is so, that I see beauty merging with hatred,
I see discontent,
I see the misery of faces, and their torment.
So I begin to see your tears.

Your empathy rides a fine steed,
Over those hilltops and down to the deepest
Part of the eternal river.
Oh! Such simplicity is in that eternity.
It is the reminder,
The reminder to when we first kissed.

Upon the overlook,
Where we fused memory with the present,
We were lost in the eyes of the world,
And I asked you,
“Should we block them out,
For they make me paranoid?”

A smile, and a descending tear,
Was all your answer,
To assuage that fear.

Let us not press torment into our bosoms,
We should only make what we will of any moment,
And so I grasp,
I grasp a breast,
That now glows as bright as the sun,
And your face glows ever brighter,
Than the pitiful sun.
Beloved! Merciful beloved! Allow me to see,
What awaits between the gates,
So that my key may unlock the contents!

I enjoy,
So that I may savor,
The feast,
For me, the beast,
That will kiss,
And will drown,
In the widest tides,
And that eternal river.

You are as beautiful as all women,
Though, have been selected by me,
To be among the many free,
And to be able to see,
The love I have created so you shall not flee.
No more to plea,
No more to weep,
Now, merely sleep,
And open up once more for my key.