Philosophy – “When a Fool Believes in Truth over Facts” – 1/10/2021

“To perhaps the political realm or even the marketing realm, truth is like silver, malleable enough to be twisted into a different shape. Each person will look upon that shape, see something different, though only because the sculptor to truth has molded it that way.”

– Modern Romanticism

Truth is deceptive to the eye of the person who cannot see sameness. For what stays the same in a person, is not like what conceals that underlying universal understanding. If the difference between truths and a fact is the difference between what can change versus what can improve, then it is to truth that changes people while it is to a fact that improves us.

If a fact is logical, then it is truth that is emotional and chaotic. If truth can change to be a different shape to each person’s attention and awareness, then who is the sculptor? Who has placed the deception before sameness? Or, who sees in art, from the “different viewpoint”, just the truth of it, not the sameness that makes the viewer also an artist? Does an artist understand themselves, because they constantly state that no one understands them? If such is the case, then they are the same as what they are, within, to everyone else. A person is loved for being one, not by the differences to which create that chaos and conflict.

If truth is seen as subjective, then the sculptor to it has placed it upon themselves as a cloak or as clothing. If a viewer to the sculptor of that truth only sees something different, then they’ve been deceived into never seeing something that is always the evidence universal between each person. Our evidence, is not the differences that make each person disconnected. We are not to be unique nor proud when we stand alone, for we are always to be humble we are at the same level as when we were created. A person learns, as much as they live.

It is because truth cannot be universal, though a fact can, that everything exterior must be penetrated to create the connection. It can be said of a woman whose virginity has first been pierced, of the physical kind, that a “connection” has been made between man and woman. It can also be said of a woman, as well, that when her “metaphysical virginity” has been pierced, she retains memories to when everything that had occurred to her, for the first time. To this example, it is the same as understanding her, within. Loving not what is said to be beautiful, though what makes perhaps a man and a woman a oneness, is what makes love as the same.

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