Poem – “Beloved; Your Tears Mean the World” – Romance

Let us find, within each other’s eyes,
The horrid filth from a faceless world,
We see it, and do not adore it.
We have it, the love between us and it.
And we watch,
While we glide,
Among clouds and birds, alike.
We feel, with empathy that collides,
Into our unfurled desires,
The desire to shape, the desire to mold.

You have a face that breathes the newest note,
Of one remembered afternoon.
For my dear, you are far simpler than when most men,
Could have you upon their knee,
And believe,
That, to offer you infinity,
Is at all the material,
Of external,
I comprehend, of your heart, of boldest red,
That what will please, is only a simple reminder.

And in seeing this world,
Upon its hill of perplexity.
It is mounted, and seemingly distorted,
Love has been cast off from its slope.
My love, with your arms alike to the blades of grass
Were they to turn white;
And having eyes,
Like rubies,
Where they to turn green;
That is since I see blood, upon snow,
And blood, upon the evergreen,
And breasts that curve like twin moons.

It is so, that I see beauty merging with hatred,
I see discontent,
I see the misery of faces, and their torment.
So I begin to see your tears.

Your empathy rides a fine steed,
Over those hilltops and down to the deepest
Part of the eternal river.
Oh! Such simplicity is in that eternity.
It is the reminder,
The reminder to when we first kissed.

Upon the overlook,
Where we fused memory with the present,
We were lost in the eyes of the world,
And I asked you,
“Should we block them out,
For they make me paranoid?”

A smile, and a descending tear,
Was all your answer,
To assuage that fear.

Let us not press torment into our bosoms,
We should only make what we will of any moment,
And so I grasp,
I grasp a breast,
That now glows as bright as the sun,
And your face glows ever brighter,
Than the pitiful sun.
Beloved! Merciful beloved! Allow me to see,
What awaits between the gates,
So that my key may unlock the contents!

I enjoy,
So that I may savor,
The feast,
For me, the beast,
That will kiss,
And will drown,
In the widest tides,
And that eternal river.

You are as beautiful as all women,
Though, have been selected by me,
To be among the many free,
And to be able to see,
The love I have created so you shall not flee.
No more to plea,
No more to weep,
Now, merely sleep,
And open up once more for my key.

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