Philosophy – “In the Mass Production of Minorities” – 6/7/2020

By what it refers to, the mass production of minorities, the creation of identities, is less of a focus on truth, and more of a focus on deception. By what this means, we are showing less of a focus on life and expression, and more of a focus on division. Such means, that through a focus on division, we are focusing on our identity or appearance, in our want to have it stand out more than another’s. We are not in the want to know someone else, through this upholding of our own self-worth.

In having less of a focus on expression, and more of a focus on identification or origin, we focus less on creating what can stem from an origin, and more on the creation of identities.

The mass production of people with their identities, is never going to be defined as the quality to which comes from an origin. An origin, being made up of traditions and values, cannot be mass produced without lessening the value within those traditions, and thus, stifling the quality into the mere quantity of them. To say that each person upon Earth holds their own origin, is merely negating the fact that every life to a person begins with pain, with struggle. For to live, means to have beaten the anguish and despair that held one back from life.

The mass production of minorities is merely the mass production of identities, of the pain that sources division by what “division” references. That is, division references a lack of comprehension upon how another person began. We believe we are unique, compared to them, or in contrast to them. Don’t we all have the same beginnings, like having the same endings? Is any person not simply born, or is any person not simply dead?

There is no uniqueness to a person’s identity or origin, as much as there’s always a uniqueness to a person’s expression from that origin. Such means, that there is a uniqueness to the expressiveness within life.

One cannot comprehend another without that expression, that would be related to an art form. Thus, without such comprehension, and with so much of a focus on identification, there is division.

3 thoughts on “Philosophy – “In the Mass Production of Minorities” – 6/7/2020”

    1. It’s that “every man for himself” scenario, isn’t it?

      We’ll just keep dividing and dividing, until it truly is every person on Earth wanting to look tall and proud, furthering themselves away from a Simian, stooped-over stance…

      Away from devolution, out of some desperation to keep an origin of a species, from ever being unified. Through that pride, we absolve ourselves from love, despite that emotion being the only thing that has ever taken a human society away from sheer survival. For love is the only divinity of an emotion that proves to a person there is more to fight for, than just to live another day.

      We understand, through love, that division of identity is not important, in contrast to what we can understand of art in terms of life’s expression. When we express through art, we express what we have experienced in life. And, from another person’s comprehension of that art, they can fulfill the unity that life is meant to uphold in love, by realizing they have walked the same roads, braved the same danger… though, the most important part is that they weren’t alone. They weren’t divided, as they realize that within such a comprehension to another person’s life.


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