Poem – “The Unforgiving Rope” – Romance – 8/22/2019

Dragged at my feet,
Is the unforgiving rope.
Binding me, and blinding me,
Because I cannot stand,
And so I need aid,
To be able to see,
All that I have corrupted for me,
Beyond the grief from the sea.

You would deny me all?
Reach into me, to see sweetness,
And then know bitterness?
I have a heart that has stopped,
I reach my hands to the sky
So that I may pull you down.
I only wish to unite,
With one weeping angel.

A rope at my feet,
And one at my neck.
A knife at my ribs,
And one that shreds my heart.
Deny me the gift,
To see the passion of a man,
Who shall lock lips,
With one angel of sentiment.

There are memories still too deep,
To unearth from stones atop,
Where they’ve been buried.
I bury to forget,
I have buried your body.
I look up to see,
What may be peering down,
Upon my swollen eyes.

Upon the cross, I am nude,
A wailing man, and so crude.

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