Philosophy – “A Theory on the Holiday Blues” – 12/24/2021

"What a person most expects is everything they shouldn't. A gift can be expected, though only at the same level as offering a server a tip. It had been expected, that for the server's excellent hospitality, they were given something for that reason. Although, what is a gift? What is ever defined as a true… Continue reading Philosophy – “A Theory on the Holiday Blues” – 12/24/2021

Christmas Poetry – “He Steps in, to Know Her” – Romanticism – 12/25/2020

GraftedBy an awakening smile,Holding slender by the hand,Enjoying tunesSet by the choir,Rolling uphill by the damsel's gaze,Swinging in the swell of enchantment,By the enchantress's haze. His mind,A cold reluctance,As a place of winter amongThe city's stare,Or his faceAs a simple notion to be sad,While words collapse against page,Seeing tears caught by the wind. Bells and… Continue reading Christmas Poetry – “He Steps in, to Know Her” – Romanticism – 12/25/2020

Christmas Poetry – “Tearful Kisses beneath a Star” – Romanticism – 12/25/2020

How many dropletsWill spill from the moon?We have laid here, together,Matching ourselvesWith the weather,The fevers from a fireplace,As you are mine. Scarlet hair,Beaming eyes,Folded skin, over curvesSoft as petaled snow,Of trees that connect each star,Dropping flakes easily as remembranceTo this unseen moment. You writhe in your pleasure,Folding grins against frowns,Feeling pain with my diningUpon scentsAs… Continue reading Christmas Poetry – “Tearful Kisses beneath a Star” – Romanticism – 12/25/2020

Christmas Poetry – “Grey Onlook” – Romanticism – 12/25/2020

Outward,Past the rubble,The lights gleam a vesselIn my painstaking handsHolding a woman close,Of her rays,Upon her voyage. Weathered footprintsIn the icy ground.Loosened salt from the rooftopsOf my temples,For I still bare the sight of toil,Even on a day of unity. Her kiss had lastedTo the amorous twist,Strengthening me towards the North,Where flavor comes mixedWith the… Continue reading Christmas Poetry – “Grey Onlook” – Romanticism – 12/25/2020

Poem – “A Christmas Omen” – Romance – 12/14/2019

Have you found what you needed mostBeneath the star and tinsel?We both once shared hands, to dive withinThe sea and its shining surface,So that we could send kisses to each other's faces,Beneath that blueness,Beneath that openness.And yet, we stand beneath the tree with its most mournful appearance,And gaze with eyes upon each lit bulb, each… Continue reading Poem – “A Christmas Omen” – Romance – 12/14/2019