Christmas Poetry – “He Steps in, to Know Her” – Romanticism – 12/25/2020

By an awakening smile,
Holding slender by the hand,
Enjoying tunes
Set by the choir,
Rolling uphill by the damsel’s gaze,
Swinging in the swell of enchantment,
By the enchantress’s haze.

His mind,
A cold reluctance,
As a place of winter among
The city’s stare,
Or his face
As a simple notion to be sad,
While words collapse against page,
Seeing tears caught by the wind.

Bells and tolling hearts,
Sleighs and sentences crossed
On eulogies meant to be noticed,
For funerals,
The wedding’s opposition.

Love spells himself,
A name written backwards
To where coffins are kissed,
Moons are held before the sun
As the palest of eyes.

He kisses her,
Has stepped into the dark mattering
Of a few moments more
Before snow send him shivering
Upon the blackest shore.

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