Poem – “A Christmas Omen” – Romance – 12/14/2019

Have you found what you needed most
Beneath the star and tinsel?
We both once shared hands, to dive within
The sea and its shining surface,
So that we could send kisses to each other’s faces,
Beneath that blueness,
Beneath that openness.
And yet, we stand beneath the tree with its most mournful appearance,
And gaze with eyes upon each lit bulb, each lit candle,
For love has somehow found a way
To escape from the Heavens to come our way.

We are beautiful enough to stay,
And, dine on these kisses, come what may.
I see above your head,
A hat made from straw,
And adornments both rich and old,
And beneath them all,
A face shines brighter than the tree with its shimmering form.
A face that pleads for another kiss, from my mouth to your own.
Beautiful and beloved, that you are,
With Heaven on your cheeks, and a smile
Radiates with greater hues than the shooting star.
For we are both rich in our promise, and old in our love.

Our love, though old, renews itself,
Upon when we dance, in radiance, for ourselves.

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