Christmas Poetry – “Grey Onlook” – Romanticism – 12/25/2020

Edgar Degas http:/;

Past the rubble,
The lights gleam a vessel
In my painstaking hands
Holding a woman close,
Of her rays,
Upon her voyage.

Weathered footprints
In the icy ground.
Loosened salt from the rooftops
Of my temples,
For I still bare the sight of toil,
Even on a day of unity.

Her kiss had lasted
To the amorous twist,
Strengthening me towards the North,
Where flavor comes mixed
With the dew across my neck,
Born of ice, melted of snow.

Beauty exists
In all things imagined
Of a future, where North collides
With the unknown South.
Grey descends on winter’s current,
A deep veil where eyes
Are fashioned in their covering.

Holding her,
Seeded in the glaciers,
Rising as a sculpture,
Glistening with the moon.