Poem – “Clasped at the Waist” – Romance – 4/21/2020

My knees give way

For me, to be

Beneath you, and hold you this ring

That represents

All that I have sent

Up to you,

In the blue, in the daylight.

Your lips whisper a kind serenity

Down to me,

For me to see, what will come to be

For us.

Love is everywhere.

I have centered it

Upon the waist needed to be carried

In a single hand.

My lips run across smooth skin,

My hands paw naked skin,

My eyes travel warm skin

To discover years worth of paradise,

Befitting me, the parasite

Who has only sucked the vessel dry

Of himself, and neither the fingers, succulent,

Nor the temples above her eyes, resplendent

Of a woman,

With two beating hearts, one of hers

And of mine.