Political Philosophy – “A Problem with a Voting System” – 8/5/2022

“Whenever change gets promoted, it has to do with a wish to see all systems redone. Whenever improvement gets promoted, boredom sinks itself into a voter’s mind, because what a voter votes for will be for entertainment and amusement of getting what they want.”

– Modern Romanticism

Change promotes chaos, or idealism. Improvement promotes order, or reality.

Whenever a political candidate advocates for change, it has only to do with wanting to scrap what their predecessor accomplished, to implement their ideals that mirror their vision of an ideal world. Through a political candidate’s vision, their ideals match up with change. A change will implement only idealism, in viewing a prior invention as obsolete, dysfunctional, or too simplistic.

How far can change reach, to improve those lives among those around who did not vote for such a candidate? A problem with a voting system has to be that change will be aligned with chaos, when it never matches with everyone, since not everyone voted for this candidate.

Through improvement, conforming to a current system, ever seeking to reinforce or strengthen it for everyone’s sake, becomes its requirement. Although, such a system will oppose a voting system, when those who vote want nothing improved for a country. Instead, voters want improvements for voters, making those implemented changes beneficial to those who favor that candidate. What aligns change with chaos has all to do with those levels of satisfaction and dissatisfaction. What never brings aboard unity has to be when sides will form based on satisfaction and dissatisfaction.

Even when all yearn for those same basic needs, division becomes pointless when nothing improves. While improvement defines itself as a betterment for all, change reminds us of what we were lacking. What always lacks itself among a social realm will be those improvements that change overlapped. Change overlapped what worked, due to its alignment with idealism. What works will always be a reality. What functions will always be a reality. What changes will be an ideal, thus defining incompetence as a continuous influx of what never works. It becomes a continuous influx of idealism or envisioning dysfunction to overlap onto function.

A voting system has its errors in choosing this change over improvement. A voter wants change, only because of their wish to see things bettered for themselves, these voters. However, as change demands sacrifice, being to overlap on a previous leader’s vision while they bettered it during their time in office, whatever changes may be different, though everything remains the same. Difference remains as sameness, because while change gets supported and advocated through a voting system, nothing gets improved for all.

As improvement will simply better what has already been established, change scraps it, perhaps for dissatisfaction to overlap onto satisfaction. If dissatisfaction becomes paramount among people’s mindsets, sheer chaos becomes a result of a voting system.

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