Philosophy – “The Inherent Problem with Progression” – 4/10/2022

“If progress takes a side, it will never be outside of what the progressive views of everything around for the world’s potential change. Progress can only change the world into a different color, alas having an issue with everything that is wrong except for what is wrong with the self. The progressive therefore either avoids personal fault and the requirement to be accountable or never believes the self could be improved.”

– Modern Romanticism

Progress steers a world, a nation, a people towards development, though only of what is seen outside of viewing their own reflection. We can speak of equity as though it’s progress, though only because it avoids the reflection, being the idea of what is understandable about another that we see in ourselves. If what is flawed to another is the same for us, then we can recognize where we once were, upon a time, that whether disadvantaged either through being imperfect in skills or being disabled through a physical disfiguration, the improvement, through progress, is never advanced with the self. Progress advances what it sees, even if that means to treat a human as a mechanical object requiring tinkering and toying to allow for its continued function to the greater machine.

For if progress were to see the self, understand what equality represents through comprehending the self the same as someone else, it would develop at a slower pace. It would perhaps develop the world, while a human is the center of everything else. It is in the recognition that a person changes the world or themselves, not the world changes a person without the acknowledgement that a person created their environment.

In the exactment of change to the world, as the progressive loves to tout for promotional sake, there does not seem to be sight upon the self. The reason being, is that no change could come to the self that the progressive does not already believe has occurred from “the world” among its supposed victimizing to all manner of desperate people. A progressive must then believe that “the world” was not built by human hands, as the argument remains to say, “Why rely on the same people who caused the fault to begin with?” Why rely on those who should not be trusted to solve what is that is still wrong with the causers to the fault?

Those who cause a problem should first look at themselves. When they do so, they might see that themselves are as large as the problem having been caused, and therefore see their reflection in the problem. If the problem is equal to themselves, then no progressive can admit being able to solve it, without refusing to admit that they have caused the damage. Progress, itself, is unable to accept accountability for a wrong, because that is the same as slowing progress down. When progress is slowed, it is because of having taken accountability or responsibility for the damages being done, that questions arise as to the worthiness of the achievement.

Inherently so, progress, itself, is unable to hold the self, the progressive, accountable without jeopardizing all of progress. That is because the desperate rely on progress for the betterment of their surroundings. However, if the desperate blame the progressive, then they may as well blame themselves, as well. That is because they are seeing a reflection of themselves, to the progressive, that they are just as much faulted to being human as all others.

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