Philosophy – “Why Empowerment Weakens Women… or People” – 6/8/2022

“Strength lies not in physical brawn nor masculine stupidity. Strength comes in this form of having control over emotions, where those emotions, if desperate enough, will take to all offerings of power that come in a desperate person’s lap.”

– Modern Romanticism

It must be considered that when a person happens to be desperate, it matters not what faith nor religion they’ll take to. If a Christian had not seen the isolated, miserable, and depressed individual as lacking faith, needing Christ and a Bible, a Muslim or even a cult leader might have led the lost lamb to a direction. In desperation, people of this sort, this certain mindset, will take to any faith. “Any faith will do” becomes a mentality to a desperate person, though they’ll more than often be deceived, rather than led to truth.

Empowering an individual comes with this innate factor of deception. If we empower desperate people, we ignore their individuality. We ignore their stories and their histories, because in leading them to faith and dependence, we rewrite them. We give them a blank slate. We are now using them, because people who empower are controllers.

Whyever must a woman take to empowerment, if not out of a stereotypical “weak woman” response to her desperation? If she shows no restraint, being the epitome of strength, she will be deceived and used. When a person shows strength, they also reveal their independence. If one who truly empowers or lends strength to someone considers them, this person, they will not set out to erase their history. Yet, those most desperate want to leave their past behind. Those most desperate never learn from their mistakes. They want to abandon what happens to be old, though only to them. To someone else who considers a person’s past, they know that they must accept these flaws to themselves, not set out to erase them.

Having restraint means to not give into all offerings of power. What becomes revealed of a person will be their insecure and self-loathing self, through how they’ve masked their weakness, hold intent to hide their insecurities, with aggressiveness. It always will be that aggressive individual who never thinks. Their desperation to do something about a conflict will not be with consideration of consequence. It will be with consideration of their desperation.

Rushing headlong into a conflict, that even with an intent to solve it, will prolong its existence if such becomes not considered of consequence. Whenever a woman becomes deemed as strong when she shows herself to never think, due to a belief that her physical strength will be her strength, resembles more of weakness. She prolongs weakness, in masking it with physical aggressiveness. To want power, through this aggressive, physical strength, always will be through that same desperate mindset of someone who lunges after conflict with a desire to control its outcome. With restraint, a person can think before acting. Otherwise, without having thought nor restraint, a person shows off a mere act, because one held no control over anything. In showing restraint, a person has control over themselves, being a human’s only true form of control.

Quote – “Why Perfection does not Exist” – 1/22/2021

“If a person’s salvation lies upon understanding who they are, then to the concept of perfection, we should immediately know it cannot be identified with. For at the heart of all beings, we are alike. Imperfect to know each other, and never perfect enough to withstand each other.”

– Modern Romanticism

Quote – “The ‘Uselessness’ of Love” – 11/26/2020

“Here, the scientist might say to love, among prayer, among God, that such things are impractical. Yet, it cannot be more obvious. Nothing of love, is practical, is utilitarian; so why would a scientist say such words so apparent? Is there ever ‘evidence’ for love, being metaphysical? Does not the scientist work with physical components, able to be dissected? Through dissection, a body is. Love cannot be dissected, for it is not physical. Not with use, so love cannot ever die. Eternal as it is, love cannot be killed. To the Atheist who says the words ‘God is dead’, most likely believes that memories can also die, at one’s whim.”

– Modern Romanticism

Philosophy – “The ‘Uselessness’ of Prayer” – 11/26/2020

“Though, it shouldn’t be, that through our innate comprehension of love, we’d ‘make use’ of that loved one, whether they’d be God, or of family to friendship.”

– Modern Romanticism

Do we love God?

Do we love our friends? Our families?

Could we love the source to all love? It is in the understanding of love, that we realize we should not ‘make use’ of all that is loved. Therefore, in prayer, in clasping our hands, we should not think that anything practical might be of its result. For that is against love.

Are we saying we should “use” love? Does love have a use, to say that who we place love upon is seen as using oil to fix the squeaking sounds of a door? Again, it is against love to say it holds utility.

Against love, we manipulate, through practicality. Against love, we deceive, through practicality. Against love, we consume, through practicality.

Love is all-knowing, all-seeing, all comprehending; and we may be the same, yet our human hunger stays us.

We want, we crave, we are lustful, so we pray to believe it will ‘do’.

It is an error to fall so easily into human greed, lust, and gluttony that we forget what love is about. It is about the simple understanding, among nothing more. For do we not, as we have a photograph of a deceased loved one upon a shelf, just stare upon it whenever we find it necessary? That photograph collects dust, when it is not touched. It is that we have no desire to “use” it, because it merely represents a memory of the past. A dead past. As it is, this is the objective definition to what is immoral of “using” that which is dead. We do not comprehend who we love, when we negate it by turning to such practicality.

Death is stillness, not the movement in the ravenous behavior that accompanies desire. Therefore, by our understanding of such stillness, it is love that is just as powerful as death.

All stillness, is not of use. And, are we not stilled, also silent, when deep in prayer? Yet, our craving human minds are wishing for the practicality from God. Why is that? Why is it that we have rejected, for so long, the mere notion that prayer is not compatible with practicality and utility?

Are we here to simply say we should manipulate, deceive, and enslave who we love? For is this not the reason we are to “submit” before God, before whoever we love? To never say we have control? Even an Atheist would agree with these words, if they are not the sort to believe it perfectly fine to manipulate who they love.

We are here to believe in love, to guide us upwards. An “ascension” merely equals “improvement”, among nothing more. We are led to Heaven, away from the wind. For the wind represents the forward motions of life. In the embrace of love, we are uplifted, escalated, and risen. The forward notion of life, represent the individual voices. Love leads, though leads up the mountain slope, up the stairs towards Heaven. Life leads itself in unpredictable, randomized directions. We have no control, so long as there is love.

The vain desire for a human to want control, to want a choice, epitomizes deception. Against love, there is choice. Against love, there is control. In our world, for whatever time period one points to, is always the area of idealistic implementation. Of selflessness, through invention, as the gift, humans follow.

Poem – “Stranded on my Knees” – Religion – 10/5/2020

How much blood
Can erase the letters on these worn pages?
I have become something else
To the bitterness
Of one heart, written in the soil,
Of one droplet of crimson,
Fed to my mouth.
He glistens on the cross,
He stays there,
Sheltering his own eyes with the sun,
Finding a place where I cannot run
To make my home.

Upon my knees,
Stranded in senseless belief,
For faith has never been my sculpture.
Blood runs wildly,
From my faucet of death.
I can keep love
Close to heart, eating tears to my drowning.
I can break,
Though can I build?
Can I see scenery
That never wilts?

Like a flood of everlasting
Terror to my face,
Trust can sculpt itself,
It can sculpt itself
To then have only the body drowned,
Never the features,
Never the mask,
Never the lies
I have swallowed whole,
Like one faceless serpent
Who can shed his skin,
Though never the tears to the soil.

Pain is the only emptiness
That I cannot feel.
Not like him,
Not him.

Quote – “Development Halts, without Trust” – 7/30/2020

“Human reproduction would not be possible, without trust. For we trust another with our nude form, in its most vulnerable state, unarmored, unguarded, to the care of another. The human female, especially in this sense, makes trust all-the-more needed. She is the carrier to future generations. Human reproduction would be impossible, if a woman could not trust another to handle her form, nude in its most vulnerable condition.

Even of other examples, to the development of a community. It is the same, especially when numbers matter among the survival of a population. That community is centered around a structure, as a structure needs to trust newer welcomed individuals to it, for its growth.”

– Modern Romanticism

“The Reason behind Reason” – Why Science has Ignored the Highest Form of Logic – Philosophy

Science has created a polarity. That polarity that recites the words, “Everything other than religion, will be logical.” Yet, why it is that science cannot realize that the highest form of logic, is love? Love is indeed the highest form of logic. Why is that? It is because “love” relates to prevention, as science will only ever gain its ground, its power, when it can dissect an issue, while keeping the issue alive. It matters not, to science, how many people perish from the issue, so long as there is something to be learned from it.

Love is logical, because “prevention” has to do with responsibility, and “responsibility” has to do with “preventing a problem from beginning, in the first place.” Science co-aligns with business, while business co-aligns with money. The very Nature behind science having the continuous debates against religion, is because religion understands logic more than science. Religion understands, and frequently taught, love, being the most logical of things, against anyone’s perspective. Where religion comprehended, and taught, the “oneness” of God, science merely questioned that “oneness” and fragmented it into division. That is what the “power of reason” is capable of doing. It fragments a whole into separate parts.

What is more, is that those “fragmented parts” relate to the body, something that science is fascinated by. Science has said that it is not capable of fully understanding the mind, because the mind will always be related to religion, through having the metaphysical properties of love. Therefore, it is a literal impossibility for science to ever fully comprehend the mind, because it refuses to abide by religion’s own teachings, being love. Science, throughout history, has denied “reality” in way of a feeling, of an emotion, of something metaphysical. It has, instead, described reality as something “visibly seen” with the naked eye. Love, being metaphysical, and lust, being physical. That is, everything of the mind, has to do with love. Everything of the body, has to do with lust. There is no denying any of this.

There is no denying what has taken place, in a “contemporary” setting, being our obsessive focus on appearances, and the body. Truth. That is truth, the body, and so long as the truth is changed by what science does, and never raised by what love does, the truth will remain forever buried.

There is no denying that what has taken place, what with the current human interest in “bodies”, especially on a woman’s point-of-view, that love has nothing to do with the body, and only has anything to do with intellect.

It is ironic to think about, that when science maintains an interest in the body, it rejects the mind, making humans seem more moronic. It is also ironic, what with science ignoring the highest form of logic, being love, that religion perhaps has the true understanding of intellect, or logic, or of the mind.

A Series – On Christianity – “The Blood of Existence, Stains the Hands of Believers in Non-Existence” – Pt. 2 – “On God’s Reality” – Material

“Love is nowhere to be found, if it is denied to be helpful.”

“God, who has been described to be the one who commands love, would have a human look upon love, as well, with belief or denial. It is not God who is believed or denied, in this scenario; it is love that is believed or denied. And, why do we deny love? It is because those who believe in love’s non-existence, are also those who believe in love’s non-utility, and such believers could not be more precise.”

Love holds no boundaries, as it is stated at times. There are no walls to which the “eyes of love” cannot see through, to find the suffering soul that wails in discomfort. We are each children before those “eyes of love”, made to submit in that discomfort. It is because, intolerance towards external aid, a belief in strength for the self, is opposite from love, and only creates further suffering.

All non-existence and existence for God, is correct in its naming. God does not exist, when He is denied. God exists, when He is believed. That is the simple truth. It shifts in the patterns of faith, between those two polarities. We trust, through proof to trust, while we distrust, through proof to distrust.

Science has named it necessary to discover the self. Are we to pit the fault upon science? No, we are not to do this, though only to name it as an “inevitability”. Humans, upon receiving no love, will begin to believe solely in themselves, in what a human could discover. And, in this, humans turn themselves inside-out, so to speak, so that what is repulsive is shown. Those hideous things are horrifying to naked eyes, and what is seen is not beauty. It is not beauty, because what is noticed is something we should be discovering upon comprehension. We do not comprehend the cause of external injury when a body is placed before us, to nurture. What hearts we would discover, that could not be mended with sutures and ointments, though with the love that we continually state has no use.

Sutures and ointment possess practical application for their use. Love has no practical application, for it poses more risk upon the self, than ever the wounds already current, posed a risk.

We mention the word “repulsive”, because it is a common factor among humans to bury things we do not comprehend. Such is a thing called a “subconscious”, where when we sleep, we have nightmares that rise from those misunderstood things, from the subconscious.

Love would be the ingredient to comprehend everything terrible of a person. Though, the only reason why God, or love, is believed to not exist, is because of its lack in practical application to solve a problem. There are greater problems in this world than cancer. Why would an Atheist accuse God of not solving the problem of cancer, without first understanding that cancer did not sprout from nowhere? It was a creation, as any other, to “test the limits of humanity” as God ordained.

Love is nowhere to be found, if it is denied to be helpful.

Poem – “Behold, what I View of You, to be the most Beautiful of Truths” – Romance

Faced with a cheek,
Of rose and ivory together,
Unlike the many splintered faces,

Not rent apart by so many tears,
That you keep beneath the swept reddish hair,
I feel thee, with a weight that pulls, and does not press.

I believe,
That love can truly dance.
It is, as I’ve seen it, with eyes upon the hands,
At thy waist, and move upwards on paired hips.
Listless was I, in before I knew of this.
Love has been but a berry to be consumed.

I observe, and in what I observe,
Beauty, marvelous beauty
From the Earth, to the winds,
From the fossils of dead things,
To my lips, to where I give a kiss.

Your face held in my hands,
Your eyes dropping porcelain tears,
Your arms very limp, with legs the same.
Grace has become your last name,
The world makes merry, your beauty.