Philosophy – “Why Empowerment Weakens Women… or People” – 6/8/2022

“Strength lies not in physical brawn nor masculine stupidity. Strength comes in this form of having control over emotions, where those emotions, if desperate enough, will take to all offerings of power that come in a desperate person’s lap.”

– Modern Romanticism

It must be considered that when a person happens to be desperate, it matters not what faith nor religion they’ll take to. If a Christian had not seen the isolated, miserable, and depressed individual as lacking faith, needing Christ and a Bible, a Muslim or even a cult leader might have led the lost lamb to a direction. In desperation, people of this sort, this certain mindset, will take to any faith. “Any faith will do” becomes a mentality to a desperate person, though they’ll more than often be deceived, rather than led to truth.

Empowering an individual comes with this innate factor of deception. If we empower desperate people, we ignore their individuality. We ignore their stories and their histories, because in leading them to faith and dependence, we rewrite them. We give them a blank slate. We are now using them, because people who empower are controllers.

Whyever must a woman take to empowerment, if not out of a stereotypical “weak woman” response to her desperation? If she shows no restraint, being the epitome of strength, she will be deceived and used. When a person shows strength, they also reveal their independence. If one who truly empowers or lends strength to someone considers them, this person, they will not set out to erase their history. Yet, those most desperate want to leave their past behind. Those most desperate never learn from their mistakes. They want to abandon what happens to be old, though only to them. To someone else who considers a person’s past, they know that they must accept these flaws to themselves, not set out to erase them.

Having restraint means to not give into all offerings of power. What becomes revealed of a person will be their insecure and self-loathing self, through how they’ve masked their weakness, hold intent to hide their insecurities, with aggressiveness. It always will be that aggressive individual who never thinks. Their desperation to do something about a conflict will not be with consideration of consequence. It will be with consideration of their desperation.

Rushing headlong into a conflict, that even with an intent to solve it, will prolong its existence if such becomes not considered of consequence. Whenever a woman becomes deemed as strong when she shows herself to never think, due to a belief that her physical strength will be her strength, resembles more of weakness. She prolongs weakness, in masking it with physical aggressiveness. To want power, through this aggressive, physical strength, always will be through that same desperate mindset of someone who lunges after conflict with a desire to control its outcome. With restraint, a person can think before acting. Otherwise, without having thought nor restraint, a person shows off a mere act, because one held no control over anything. In showing restraint, a person has control over themselves, being a human’s only true form of control.

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