Quote – “Development Halts, without Trust” – 7/30/2020

“Human reproduction would not be possible, without trust. For we trust another with our nude form, in its most vulnerable state, unarmored, unguarded, to the care of another. The human female, especially in this sense, makes trust all-the-more needed. She is the carrier to future generations. Human reproduction would be impossible, if a woman could not trust another to handle her form, nude in its most vulnerable condition.

Even of other examples, to the development of a community. It is the same, especially when numbers matter among the survival of a population. That community is centered around a structure, as a structure needs to trust newer welcomed individuals to it, for its growth.”

– Modern Romanticism

One thought on “Quote – “Development Halts, without Trust” – 7/30/2020

  1. It should be mentioned, too, that should we find such instances “obsolete”, then it goes to show that human development has reached its peak, before Nature demands it to decline, somewhat. Growth to survival, and survival to population. If appetite is all there is, among a consumerist “developed” nation, then starvation is inevitable. The human species declines during a period of overpopulation.

    Hence, you have the reason for COVID19, being Nature’s way to cull a growth that has ascended too far up the ladder. It is especially this way when overpopulation will always begin a pandemic to a virus, as a virus always mutates from overpopulation. Why did it begin in China? Well… for that very reason. Overpopulation.

    We’ve only called these instances as “obsolete”, when we think we are comfortable. Though, as I wrote in my last post, before this one, “without trust, we are blind.” And, during a time when we say these instances are “obsolete”, we become blind because we believe we do not need to trust, to survive.


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