“The Reason behind Reason” – Why Science has Ignored the Highest Form of Logic – Philosophy

Science has created a polarity. That polarity that recites the words, “Everything other than religion, will be logical.” Yet, why it is that science cannot realize that the highest form of logic, is love? Love is indeed the highest form of logic. Why is that? It is because “love” relates to prevention, as science will only ever gain its ground, its power, when it can dissect an issue, while keeping the issue alive. It matters not, to science, how many people perish from the issue, so long as there is something to be learned from it.

Love is logical, because “prevention” has to do with responsibility, and “responsibility” has to do with “preventing a problem from beginning, in the first place.” Science co-aligns with business, while business co-aligns with money. The very Nature behind science having the continuous debates against religion, is because religion understands logic more than science. Religion understands, and frequently taught, love, being the most logical of things, against anyone’s perspective. Where religion comprehended, and taught, the “oneness” of God, science merely questioned that “oneness” and fragmented it into division. That is what the “power of reason” is capable of doing. It fragments a whole into separate parts.

What is more, is that those “fragmented parts” relate to the body, something that science is fascinated by. Science has said that it is not capable of fully understanding the mind, because the mind will always be related to religion, through having the metaphysical properties of love. Therefore, it is a literal impossibility for science to ever fully comprehend the mind, because it refuses to abide by religion’s own teachings, being love. Science, throughout history, has denied “reality” in way of a feeling, of an emotion, of something metaphysical. It has, instead, described reality as something “visibly seen” with the naked eye. Love, being metaphysical, and lust, being physical. That is, everything of the mind, has to do with love. Everything of the body, has to do with lust. There is no denying any of this.

There is no denying what has taken place, in a “contemporary” setting, being our obsessive focus on appearances, and the body. Truth. That is truth, the body, and so long as the truth is changed by what science does, and never raised by what love does, the truth will remain forever buried.

There is no denying that what has taken place, what with the current human interest in “bodies”, especially on a woman’s point-of-view, that love has nothing to do with the body, and only has anything to do with intellect.

It is ironic to think about, that when science maintains an interest in the body, it rejects the mind, making humans seem more moronic. It is also ironic, what with science ignoring the highest form of logic, being love, that religion perhaps has the true understanding of intellect, or logic, or of the mind.

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