Quote – “When the World Believes more in Death” – 6/13/2020

“To look upon the dead, believe them to be heroes, would mean to never see life as something to be praised. One has embraced cowardice, in this sense, in the belief that another should be dead, so that their death is taken for advantageous gain. A dead individual cannot fight back, cannot speak against what life has for the gain in their death. That is cowardice, objectively so.

Why cannot one celebrate life, rather than death? Why cannot one celebrate the memories of life, rather than death?

Does one dance upon graves? Does one play with the bones of children? How far does such sadism travel, when all pain should remain buried with the corpse?

Praise life while it remains alive. Do not lower yourself in martyring the dead when one is no longer able to hear their voice, their views, in sight of those doings. That is the definition of cowardice.”

– Anonymous

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