Modern Romanticism

The aspect of romance, divided between the heartening and the thoughtful.

Novel – Chapter V – “To Pull Close a Corpse” – Romance – Excerpt from “Signs of a Man in Love” – 10/9/2019

October 9, 2019

He steps around his guilt, like iron coats the soles of his feet, and motions to a place before his departed beauty. A step more and he nestles a kiss upon her brow, swearing to himself that he could still hear her words. They were, before she hung herself, perhaps the words of an apology. Words unheard, meant to be heard by Joseph, this man who once loved the purest form of beauty. That was when he allowed himself to launch directly into her, to pull free the chains that seemed to shackle what was once not allowed to move.

For a woman’s memories are as dear to her, as they are sometimes tragic and sometimes comedic. Why is a man attracted to her smile? That is because the smile is there in the realm of deception. He sees what challenges him, being the uncertainties that have created every mistake attuned with his past. Those challenges spark him to lead a woman into the future, with only ever the confidence necessary to see that forwardness, logic, and directness. And, when he looks over his own shoulder, he should see only one thing: herself, the beauty that he won’t ever forget.

A deception challenges a man, because he cannot look forward and backwards at the same time. A kiss was all Joseph needed, pressed against her brow, to believe in her mind, her thoughts, her own concealments, and whatever else she had not ever allowed to open from herself. Does a man desire discovery, as a philosopher, or does a man discover desire, as a man?

He says to a closed and limp form, “There was never anything else for my past, besides you, since you have died, and I still live. What is my beating heart, if it simply beats without love? What is next in line for my future, if I am someone who sees such a heartbeat, as unnecessary to beat? Each heartbeat is like a step taken, and I am not ever in the present. I am trapped somewhere on a border, on the line itself, and closed in a grand world of fear.”

A kiss to the brow had made him form a tear. Tears are infinite when the eyes have seen something dreaded, because when the eyes have noticed, neither the memories nor the tears, ever cease.


Words of Wisdom – “The Payday of Guilt, brought upon Man’s Shoulders” – Philosophy on Psychology – 10/9/2019

October 9, 2019

“Guilt is the payday of that currency towards what we all comprehend of a man: his doings, which he knows without ever being reminded, must be covered. Love is the left hand of a man, while within his right hand is the scepter of Godhood that he claims will run his past amok. His past, that clings upon him, which is why a man is attracted to a woman with her own history. There is flesh for a man to uncover from a woman. There is truth, of that flesh, that reminds a man that instead of covering his past, forgiveness from a woman will soothe his torment; that is, he will no longer need to shroud himself in darkness, blinded by his doings, but be in the embrace of her, so that whispered words will comfort him, as though he were an infant, once again.

All guilt from a man harbors upon the covering of his truth. Though, when he extends his vision with the eyes of love upon a woman’s form, he comprehends what he cannot conceal: the flesh that would not be buried, unless it is dead. Therefore, he comes the protector, instead using his own form to guard, conceal, and shroud her, which forms the protection of truth, rather than the clothing.”

Poem – “Of Scarlet Lips and Tranquil Eyes” – Romance – 10/6/2019

October 6, 2019

Devour nectar, and split belief in two
Sides to one Devilish coin,
With a man’s face engraved on both ends.

You have a face that screams of envy,
To the mockery of defeat,
To a man who has lost a treasure.

With arms bare and white,
And heart struck with fright,
Beauty lashes your immaculate back,
And wins the struggle from your sight.

The flesh to which we capture,
Is lost for Man, is lost for truth,
And of you, who screams the words before an altar,
The “I do”, to you, and only you,
Your eyes are tranquil before wisdom,
Before the logic that straightens
All the vessels of your heart.

I mock the lot,
Of beauty’s keepers,
They cultivate gardens,
For their fragility.

Before you die,
Show scarlet lips to a priest,
And then, to a dog
That possesses the mange and gargles
On its own parasites,
On ticks and worms and flies.

To a dog, you will become
A rapist of beauty.
Find family in that emptiness,
In the uncertainty of Man,
That you have devised,
In those you despised.

Words of Wisdom – “The Definition of Faith” – Philosophy on Religion – 10/5/2019

October 5, 2019

“Faith has no more the definition to it, than trust. Is ‘trust’ now an ingredient so believed to be ‘irrelevant’ to a contemporary standard? It should be so, because, when God is believed to be non-existent, then so is Man. When Woman was believed to be invisible, to be ignored from society, she suffered. Guilt is remedied by trust. And, in a ‘contemporary’ society, a thirst for achievement, that which is prominent in this ‘contemporary’ society, Woman would be more trusted. Temptation, which runs in the veins of business, makes Woman trusted. We have said, ‘In God, we trust’ on the American currency. Though, when God is not trusted, then Man becomes the newest target. Man is not trusted, for Man’s actions. And, in today’s ‘contemporary’ society, all trust devoted to business needs, to ‘progress’, would never coincide to the slowness from Man, from the one who pits chivalry onto society for progress to be held back. Woman is eager, Woman is earnest, and trust is never devoted to Man, and it should also be inevitable that Woman would trust herself. Therefore, in a world where ‘business’ and ‘progress’ are society’s paths, guilt is never remedied upon Man, because what he has done, to make his guilt, is never trusted to be better. He is never trusted to do better.”

Words of Wisdom – “The Relationship Between Man and Woman” – Philosophy on Marriage – 9/23/2019

September 23, 2019

“In relation to how men and women feel guilt, by men feeling guilt for action, and women feeling guilt for inaction, there is the mark of the subtle opportunist in manhood. The subtlety marks itself also as its obviousness. It is as much obvious, as it goes unnoticed, somewhat like the wind that brushes against our cheek, when we walk out of doors. It is also alike how we never concentrate on our breathing during when we are engaging in usual activity. Do we ever question how we are able to speak? Therefore, between the romantic relationships for men and women, there are, bordering on the emotion of guilt, the reasons for why either a man or a woman chooses to leave.

To speak of guilt, and also the opportunist, marks a man as choosing numbers, before he ever chooses a one. He has been the creator of the numerical, marking a woman as the factor for life’s multiplication. His seeds are infinite, and yet, only one ever reaches the end for a life to sprout. Oneness, reduces a man’s vision of numbers into a singular. From plural to singular, makes a man able to reduce his life down to simplicity. For a plural represents himself as commanding an army. Though, a singular represents him as a man who has found that oneness.

As for when a woman chooses to depart, it was only simply due to that loyalty lost from him, when he chooses to depart from oneness over to ambition, and the creation of numbers. Money and other possessions, were never the thing to ever make a woman happy. Beloved is she, when she is reminded of the first time, the singular time, when they had embraced. Guilt is soon placed on her bare shoulders, and a man must always remember the sight of a woman’s shoulders, because they are no longer caressed with the gently placed hand upon such a moment. They are, instead, held down by a cruel touch that weighs as much as the Earth.”

Words of Wisdom – “A Man’s Guilt” – Pt. 3 – 8/10/2019

August 10, 2019

“There is no logical explanation on how a woman desires the same level of achievement gained by a man. Does she desire the same feeling of guilt? Does she perhaps yearn to become a rapist?

It is not ‘opportunity for the sake of opportunity’ offered to a man, strictly by a rule written in some book. Once more, his desire to achieve comes through compensation. His own personal compensation, that is, and such money that he gains holds the same definition of ‘compensation’. A woman, if not able to comprehend, then at least see a man’s torment in such guilt that has afflicted him since birth.

Once more, a man doesn’t receive opportunity through a right. He receives opportunity through relief. He is punished by guilt, and it is no secret that his brutality has turned him into a war or power hungry fool, and his innate ambition has brought on the territorial and land-marking crime organizations.

We should say also that his ‘love of gain’ becomes immediately simplified upon receiving the love from a woman. For he creates cycles within beginnings, through an injected seed into a womb. And why had it been a custom for him to want a son, over a daughter? Once more, it was not a rule, but an instinct of a man to continue this cycle, of this cycle of pride and achievement, and then, forgiveness.

Continuation, that is, and life must continue, and thus, comes the continuation and non-stop creationism, among numerous achievements. He is achieving for his own relief, to have an orgasm, perhaps, and continue the barbarism, and the brutality.

Forgiveness is displayed through the glassy eyes of a woman.

He was not willing to see himself.

Of all he has gained, now the guilt has turned into a oneness. A woman, and now his guilt has been erased. She offers him comfort, not further distress. She offers him silence, not further loudness from gunfire.

Keep the man locked up, and his thoughts are his only company.

Keep him alone, in the dark, and the monster sees all his wounds from those who’ve repeatedly tried to slay him.”

Words of Wisdom – “A Man’s Guilt” – Pt. 2 – 8/10/2019

August 10, 2019

“There is nothing so deforming of a man’s features, than guilt. Encourage guilt, and you encourage the remaining existence of the masculine man. His instinct is guilt.

What does a man see in a woman’s eyes?

Why, it is all he’s been avoiding. The forgiveness he cannot ever place upon his own actions. Upon himself, it comes hard for forgiveness to douse the dictator’s or psychopath’s actions. Pride only comes as approval. Shame comes as disapproval.

A man’s guilt is as prominent as his infinite opportunity to achieve. His infinite craving, that is, and his only motive behind his desire to achieve, is to compensate for that feeling of guilt. Encourage guilt, and again, you encourage the masculine man. Reveal opportunity, either of sexual desire or monetary gain, and you exploit his guilt, and create his fall.

There is nothing so vengeful as exploitation, and nothing so much the exploit than the exploitation of fear. It is always a cruel gesture to reveal weakness, and it is any enemy to a human’s tool to exploit it.

Within a woman’s eyes, is where he sees the avoidance of God. He’s claimed himself to be God, and yet, the forgiveness for his actions of domination comes from a woman. He will deny God for as long as possible. Perhaps a man will see God as too bright. And to love, of which the ‘modern day’ has found to be ‘obsolete’, it is more proof than ever else proof was made, that forgiveness, nor love, does not dominate, but subdues.”

Poem – “Face Me, Twisted and Broken” – Grief

July 13, 2019

Face me, where you stand,
As your face shines the warmth,
Upon my disastrous form.
My body is heavy
With the pain of illness.
Disease has struck me,
Like the stick upon the drum,
Like the madness upon the mind.

My eyes are seen in yours,
As they too, swim in a lake of tears.
Do not be so idle,
When faces look upon yours,
To cast pity in your direction.
They are only in the attempt,
To be kind,
For they wish to offer a heart.

Take in yourself,
The solidness of a new morning.
My beloved,
Your face is so very wet,
With the tears.
But, I implore you!
Do not blame
Yourself, for yourself is too new.

There is much sickness in me.
Embrace me once more
Upon this rotten bed.
Let the tears be sweet,
And the kisses deep.
Show me not this pain.
But, make me a blessing,
For your heart.

Poem – “An Ode to a Buried Woman” – Romantic/Mournful

June 1, 2019

I cry often,
When I think of thy prettiness.
The emptiness of my facade,
When tears fall in short streams,
To be caught at the chin
That is where I swallow my words.

I choke back the emotions,
The loss to which I feel open.
I weep for about a minute,
And loosen my tears to the open.
I see swallows and pigeons alike,
Both hearing these calls.

I ride the current,
Down to where my end had begun,
And see with eyes so wide,
The world and it’s lifeless plenty.
The world seems so distant,
For we are an ocean apart.

We are the milk among the galaxy.
The disease among the many.
The beauty among the frenzy.
You have been the burning to my heart,
The blood that boils and flows.
And the enemy to which I love.